Återträffen (The Reunion)

Controversial Swedish artist Anna Odell plays herself in her debut feature. The Reunion won the Swedish academy Guldbagge award for Best Film, as well as Best Screenplay and the Fripesci prize at The Venice Critic’s week of 2013.

Class 9B from a Stockholm suburb is celebrating their 20th anniversary. Everybody is invited, everybody except Anna Odell, who didn't receive any invitation. Why is that? Anna was bullied in school. The Reunion is a film about what might have happened if she had been there to confront her bullies, and about the classmates real reactions when they're confronted with her work.

In one of the most daring films of the year, controversial Swedish artist-turned-filmmaker Anna Odell delivers a bold, biting and unnervingly entertaining blend of fiction and documentary that explores how the hierarchies and power structures we grow up with shape us as adults.

The Ceremony (Ceremonin)

In an intimate, sensual film France’s most famous dominatrix, Catherine Robbe-Grillet, two close friends and two lovers share their innermost thoughts about love, friendship,dominance and submission.

The Ceremony, a film about love and friendship, depicts cross-border relationships where dominance and submission are central. We meet the fascinating and unusual writer Catherine Robbe-Grillet and those closest to her.

Intimate material reveals participants sharing views on art, norms, identity, ageing, loneliness, friendship and love. The spectator is invited into a fascinating, evocative and private world depicting staged, stylized sadomasochist ceremonies based on Catherine’s universe. 

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